"Send Updates" button is disabled even though our status is "update needed"

Our OAuth App went to Functional Review status,
and I’m being asked to submit documentation for testing.

But I can’t click the “Send Updates” button and can’t submit it, and can’t also receive any response at threads in Notes.
I would also like to update the “Test account and credentials” section in Submit for review.

Where can I update or submit them?

(This question is being asked on behalf of the App’s Owner.)

Hello @tanaka504 Have you filled all the required items like TDD and have you checked all the compliance related questions required before submitting?

Regards, Kwaku

Yes, I have filled all required items.

Hello @tanaka504 can you clear the cache and try again?

Regards, Kwaku

I have tried clearing the cache, I can click on the “send update” button.

Thank you for your support.

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No problem, have a great day.

Regards, Kwaku