Unable to submit app, "Send Updates" is disabled


I am trying to answer some questions that came up during Security Review. I was able to reply to the question, but I am unable to submit the app because “Send Updates” button is disabled.

This app was previously submitted, so all required information should already be present. I have checked the two checkboxes under " Marketplace Developer Agreement", and I have tried this in multiple browsers and in Incognito Mode. But the “Send Updates” button doesn’t get enabled.

Please help!

Hello @sunilp could you please confirm if the App is not currently already in the submitted state? Also, we can confirm this with you providing the App name so we can check

Regards, Kwaku

Thanks @kwaku.nyante. My admin was able to submit the app, so I am wondering if this was a permissions issue. I have the “Zoom for developers” edit permissions, but this app was originally submitted by another developer.

@sunilp If I am not mistaken collaborators do not have the ability to submit apps, only the original app creator can.

Regards, Kwaku

Yes, that’s the issue. I can view and answer questions, but cannot re-submit the app. Thank you for clarifying!

The “Send Updates” button remained disabled, preventing me from completing the submission process. I thoroughly reviewed the submission form, ensured that I agreed to the Marketplace Developer Agreement, and attempted the process on multiple browsers and even in Incognito Mode, but to no avail. This issue is particularly frustrating on j.co donuts menu page as my app had been successfully submitted before, suggesting that all necessary information should already be present.