Separate Digital Signage Content On Multiple Displays

When displaying digital signage in Zoom Rooms with multiple displays, all displays show the same content. There is no option to display multiple items from the content list on multiple displays.

It would be extremely useful to be able to display the current item in the content list on the first display, the second item on the second display, and the third item in the list on the third display. The content list would rotate through the screens based on duration, with the screen that finishes displaying its content first taking the next item from the content list. This would most likely require that the content list have at least 4 items in it.

We currently have set up a Crestron matrix switcher that connects a second mac mini to a second input on the Zoom Room’s 3 TVs and have set a video to play on each of the 3 displays on the Mac Mini. When the Zoom Room is activated from the room controller, the matrix switcher changes back to the zoom room input on the TVs. This is not ideal as it requires manually logging in to the secondary computer to set content to run in a loop and we are unable to utilize Zoom’s digital signage features.

Additional context
We have two Zoom Rooms in all-hands public meeting areas (not enclosed rooms) connected to three 82" TVs. Our marketing department wants slides to rotate as they are displayed so more than one content item is displayed at a time, which looks more interesting than seeing three giant screens all with the same image being displayed at once.