Server-to-server oauth meeting

I want to use server-to-server oauth for my php app.
I have been able to create meeting but have been having difficulty in starting/joining meeting. All examples which I have come across
have been pointing to jwt sdk none stated server-to-server. On trying to trouble shoot the error i was getting, i discorvered that
server-to-server OAuth app type was not to be used for sdk jwt. based on

How can I start/join a meeting using server-to-server oauth method it seems to me that SDK does not work for oAUth.
I have been trying to get this done for more than 3 weeks now

Hi @zoomema2020
Are you still having issue with this?

Yes I am still having the issue.

I have not been able to solve it. There seems not be any documentation on server-to-server oauth all I have been seeing were sdk

Hi @zoomema2020
If you are using a meeting sdk app, then you should not be using the server to server oauth app with it.
You can generate your signature using the client id and client secret associated to your meeting sdk app

I am using server-to-server oauth not sdk. From the message that was put up at JWT we were asked to use server-to-server instead because jwt is been deprecated. so that’s why i am using server-to-server oauth.
In clear terms i am using server-to-server not sdk. However all tutorials, examples and documentation i have been seeing points to sdk none shows server-to-server oauth

Hi @zoomema2020
Here is a link to our Docs for Server to Server Oauth apps

and a couple of sample apps available on github: