Serving from localhost / another process

We’re unsure of the guidelines here.

I know that here it says we can communicate via. e.g. websockets:

But we also know localhost is explicitly not allowed elsewhere.

We’d like to know if we can (with adequate review) serve files over websockets from a local process of some kind. The Zoom App would be paired with another running tool and would render from that tool. The mechanism would be http, WebRTC, or websockets on a given port.

The logic is simply that keeping media on the same PC is more privacy-preserving and more efficient than going via. a server.

We’d like to check this is permissible now, rather than invest resources before finding out.

Thanks in advance for the clarification.

What are you trying to do with websockets?

An example of when I use websockets in my app is to broadcast messages/data between the various instances - which means that the web-socket server needs to be accessible to all instances. If these instances are on the internet that means that your websocket service need to be visible to those instances.

Our tool (DemoTime) creates magic highlights after every sales demo.

We want to make these highlights available immediately, so you can end the meeting by recapping organized sped-up clips from earlier in the demo/meeting.

To do this we need to record and process video (with another program) - and serve this video back.

It’s possible with the cloud but super expensive - making a free offering impossible. We’d need to stream everything - discard most of it - and somehow get it back in a low latency, and low resource-usage way.

Cost aside - to go via. the cloud to access local media files we’d need to stream the input and stream the processed output back again simultaneously while the meeting is already running - so tripling the bandwidth needs of the meeting.

You have a more complicated scenario than mine. I assume you have another app/process running on the local machine, perhaps you could save the video to a file locally as it may be possible to read files using JS in a browser? Just a suggestion, no idea it that gets you what you want.