Set All Panelists and Attendees on Zoom iOS by default

I am trying to set the Zoom chat to ‘All Panelists and Attendees’ by default on Zoom’s iOS SDK. Whilst I am using the code below from the SDK to do so, it is not working / had no effect and is still showing ‘All Panelists’ by default in the chat which isn’t ideal.

Is there an iOS method or any way that guarantees that ’All Panelists and Attendees’ is set by default on Zoom’s SDK for iOS?

iOS Client SDK version
Device: iPhone SE
OS: iOS 14


Hey @kaitlynnst,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

I am not seeing the code you attached, can you try to provide again?


Here is the code I am using:

- (void)joinZoomMeeting:(NSString *)zoomId userName:(NSString *)userName password:(NSString *)password email:(NSString *)email completion:(void (^_Nonnull)(NSUInteger resultCode))completion {
    MobileRTCMeetingService *meetingService = [[MobileRTC sharedRTC] getMeetingService];
    MobileRTCMeetingSettings *settings = [[MobileRTC sharedRTC] getMeetingSettings];
    [settings prePopulateWebinarRegistrationInfo:EMAIL username:USERNAME];
    [settings disableMinimizeMeeting:YES];
    [settings setProximityMonitoringDisable:YES];
    [settings disableCallIn:YES];
    [settings setWaitingHUDHidden:YES];
    [settings setMeetingTitleHidden:YES];
    [settings setMeetingPasswordHidden:YES];
    [settings setMeetingShareHidden:YES];
    [settings setMeetingInviteHidden:YES];
    [settings setHintHidden:YES];
    [settings setHostLeaveHidden:NO];
    [settings setAutoConnectInternetAudio:YES];
    [settings setTopBarHidden:NO];
    [settings disableDriveMode:YES];

  if (meetingService) {
    meetingService.delegate = self;
    MobileRTCMeetingJoinParam * joinParam = [[MobileRTCMeetingJoinParam alloc]init];
    joinParam.userName = userName;
    joinParam.meetingNumber = zoomId;
    joinParam.password = password ? password : @"";

    MobileRTCMeetError joinMeetingResult = [meetingService joinMeetingWithJoinParam:joinParam];

Hey @kaitlynnst,

I looked through the SDK, and I do not believe we have an interface for setting the default chat type at this time. It looks like you can only set it in the UI itself or per chat message.


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