DIsable Chat for Attendees with each other in webinar using Zoom iOS SDK

How can I disable the chat for attendees between each other. They should be able to chat with only panelist and NOT with “Panelist and all attendees”. I am using iOS Zoom SDK.


Hi vishal.kale,

Thanks for the post. If you would like to change the attendee’s chat privilege:

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi Carson_Chen
Thanks for the response, it really helps, but can you let me know how can I get the event that the webinar has started successfully? Is there any delegate method or completion callback?

I tried with the delegate method “onMeetingReady()” and added “service?.allowAttendeeChat(.chatWithPanelist)” but still I can see the two chat options in the app for attendee i.e. “Panelists” and “All Panelists and All Attendees”

Hi Vishal,

Thanks for the reply. You may do the privilege change in the onSinkAllowAttendeeChatNotification callback, here is an example:

- (void)onSinkAllowAttendeeChatNotification:(MobileRTCChatAllowAttendeeChat)currentPrivilege
    NSLog(@"onSinkAllowAttendeeChatNotification %zd",currentPrivilege);
    [[[MobileRTC sharedRTC] getMeetingService] allowAttendeeChat:MobileRTCChatAllowAttendeeChat_ChatWithNone];
    NSLog(@"onSinkAllowAttendeeChatNotification,Chat Privilege has changed..............");

Please note that only the webinar host can change the privilege.

Hope this helps. Thanks!