setExternalShareSource returns SDKERR_UNKNOWN

Using Windows C++ SDK Version:

In this code

class ZoomSDKShareSource :  public ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::IZoomSDKShareSource {

  void onStartSend(ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::IZoomSDKShareSender* pSender) {
     rawDataSender = pSender;

  void onStopSend() {

  void Setup() {
          ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::IZoomSDKShareSourceHelper* helper =
          ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::SDKError err;
          err = helper->setExternalShareSource(this);
          if (err != ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::SDKERR_SUCCESS) {              
              std::cout << err << std::endl;


setExternalShareSource is returning SDKERROR_UNKNOWN, and onStartSend is never called.

How can I fix the problem?

@integrations3 I’ll PM you for some additional information

Thanks for the tip @chunsiong.zoom !
CanStartShare() was returning false and adding the recording:read scope to the meeting app resolved the problem and I can start the share now.

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