Several instances of application for internationalized versions

We’re using several web-app domains for GDPR support, in that case, as i understand, we need several ouath and events endpoint at different domains. Is multiple marketplace apps the only way to use Zoom from different domains? Can we specify that they are the same thing, and do we need to complete the full verification process for each instance individually?


Can you please elaborate your use case in more details, so that I can provide you with specific recommendations ?

We have three independent instances of our LMS for general EN, EN (EU) and RU regions. They are deployed to different servers and have distinct domains. We want Zoom to work with all of them. Marketplace app requires all URLs to have same domain.
Do we need to create separate apps for each instance of our LMS? Alternatively, If we set up some kind of proxy server wouldn’t it lead to problems with OAuth?

Hi @Oleg_Anikin,

Let me discuss your case with the team, and I will have an update for you soon.