Share screen dialogue pops up after sharing a window directly using "hDirectShareAppWnd"

I’m trying to share a window directly along with the start of the application.
I tried to use “hDirectShareAppWnd” (Windows SDK API Reference: tagStartParam4WithoutLogin Struct Reference). The required window is being shared when the meeting starts. However, along with it the Share screen dialogue also pops up and it asks me to select a window to share.

I want to hide the select window pop up.

Any guidance would be helpful. :slight_smile:


Thank you for posting @vidattdataanalytics! First, can you share which Windows Meeting SDK version you are using, knowing the version can help us to identify your issue faster.

  1. Which Windows Meeting SDK version?

Thank you for the response.
We’re using zoom-sdk-windows-

Thanks for sharing that information @vidattdataanalytics. Please see this post which offers a suggested workflow for programmatically sharing a window:

Thank you for the quick reply, @donte.zoom .

We are following the same steps as mentioned in the above post.
The required window is shared directly as expected when the meeting starts. However, there is another window which says “Select a window or an application that you want to share” which pops up.

I want to hide that window because the window I want to share is already being shared.

In the above image, the “scripts” window is being shared directly as expected when the meeting starts. But, we still get the “Select a window or an application that you want to share” dialogue box.

Hi @donte.zoom ,

The latest version is Could you please let us know if it is fixed in the new version?


I have the same issue. The share window popup always shows up. In fact this bug has been present for the last several versions of the SDK including the latest
Would you please help resolve?

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