SharedArrayBuffer eats up 100% CPU

Video SDK Type and Version
Node.js @zoom/videosdk 1.10.5

We are recently migrating from a flawlessly working Twilio Video solution. Our needs require large rooms and thus its imperative to use the ShareArrayBuffer solution. The Zoom solution works fine on newer computers but anything 4 years or older almost comes to a halt with both CPU & Memory climbing up to 100%.

Is there an easy way to detect computers that Zoom SDK can’t encode/decode easily on? These computers all have WebGL enabled and return true for isSupportMultipleVideos().

We never noticed such issues with Twilio Video or Janus based WebRTC video rooms which makes us believe that the underlying implementation of Zoom Video SDK is relying on inefficient encoding/decoding algorithms.

Sluggish, grainy CPU hog.

Thanks for your feedback.

Can you provide the device and the browser version?

Thanks for the follow up, Seth.

This is a device with Windows 10 Pro 22H2 with Chrome 121.0.6167.86 (64bit).

Del Latitude 5510, CPU 1.60 ghz 2.11 ghs, 8gb Ram, 64 bit processor