Video SDK - web version - Mac OS performance

We are in the process of migrating our react web app from Twilio video to Zoom video SDK and are experiencing some performance issues. Specifically the problem is most obvious when from the same machine there are two instances of the app broadcasting video. The UI and the whole Chrome app window becomes slow and unresponsive. The same scenario with Twilio does not cause any performance issues.

We have tested using the example app you have here github(dot)com/zoom/videosdk-web-sample without any modifications other than entering our API keys and observed similar behaviour. This is happening on Chrome on Mac but not on Windows (also different hardware). When visiting localhost:3000/video from the same machine with two users and turn the webcam on for both after 2-3 minutes the laptop fans start going faster and the Chrome tabs start becoming almost completely unresponsive. While this is happening the activity monitor reports a kernel_task process of being at 400% CPU usage. Closing at least one of the tabs restores the machine to a usable state.

The details of the Mac machine are:

CPU: 2.2 Ghz 6-core Intel Core i7
GPU: Radeon Pro 555X 4GB
RAM: 16GB 2400 MHz
OS: Sonoma 14.5

Are there any known incompatibility and/or performance issues with Mac OS?
What are the minimum system requirements for Zoom video SDK for the Web?
Any other recommendations to improve performance?

Hey @kimdev

Thanks for your feedback.

The current video solution (based on WASM) has some performance issues on low-end devices. We will soon offer an alternative video solution (based on WebRTC), which will improve the video experience on low-end devices.

Could you share some problematic session IDs with us for troubleshooting purposes?


Hi @vic.yang

Thanks for your reply

Do you know what is the timeline for that alternative video solution as we might have to plan around this from our side.

Here is a session id: lmynq8H4RCm2KRXpUuY9rg==

I entered with one normal chrome tab and one incognito. After about 3-4 minutes of the second incognito tab user entering the session and turning the webcam on the machine starting having a degraded performance. The UI (button at the bottom of the screen, camera options arrow,etc) started lagging more and more to the point it completely froze. Again I saw the kernel task reaching 1000% at some point.

This is a link to some screenshots from my activity monitor (it wouldn’t let me attach pictures here directly)