Sharing and annotating a still image

I asked about annotations some time ago; the good news is, I got them working! :grinning: What we’d like to do now receive annotations on a still image taken from the user’s camera feed. I know we can use the MobileRTCShareView for not only annotations, but for sharing images as well (using setShareImageBitmap), but I’m wondering what tools the SDK provides as far as receiving annotations on said image.

Does the Meeting SDK have built-in support/API for a user sharing a still snapshot of their camera feed with a host/other participants, which the host can then annotate for them? Anything along the lines of callbacks or method calls would be very much appreciated.

Thanks ahead of time!

Which Android Meeting SDK version?

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  • Device: Navigator-500
  • OS: Android 11

Additional context
This is a hands-free device: the user doesn’t need to annotate for others, only to receive annotations on a still image from the host/other participants.

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