Which type authentication: Oauth2 or JWT


I’ve reviewed the Zoom API documentation and read about the differences between Oauth2 and JWT.

I would like to take the JWT route, but I’m not sure if it’s the best solution for my particular scenario.

I have an in-house, .Net Core web application that schedules calendar events for visiting faculty.

The back-end is written in c# running on a Windows 2016 Server.

I have a service account that is for api-use only. I want to use this account to schedule and manage Zoom meetings. No end users will be logging in with this account.

The Zoom API calls will be originating from the server in the back-end code. The methods will either get a list of Zoom meetings or create a new Zoom meeting for the service account.

With that said, would JWT be a viable route? Or should I use Oauth2?

Thank you!

I am doing this with JWT. Oauth2 required a redirect url that I didn’t want. I use a C# service to create a meeting and save the response info back to SQL.

Thanks Jim! Do you just create the meeting on behalf of a single user?

Yes. I don’t use the registrant, I just set up the meeting for one of our users and then invite the client via email. All the meetings require a waiting room so the host can let the client in when ready. I am doing this for a telemedicine application.

In the JSON you can get the start_url and the join_url for the host and client respectively.


Hey @jim.hubbard, thanks for sharing your approach!

@tmichael — I know we connected already offline, so feel free to send me any follow ups directly if you wish!


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