Show only end meeting option when host trying to leave meeting

We are trying to disable assign host and leave meeting option for the host. Host only can end meeting, not leaving with assigning new host. In android SDK we have a MeetingSettingsHelper which has a function setNoLeaveMeetingButtonForHostEnabled.

For old version ZoomSDK for macOS we could able to do some tricks to disable leave button for host. But we can not do that within latest version of your SDK.

Which version?

Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 12.08.13

Hi @sebit.mustafa.alkan, thanks for using our SDK.

Can you please provide some additional information detailing what approach you were previously using to hide this?


Thanks for the quick reply.

I was iterating every single windows subview and checking if it has a title and if title is what looking for, I changed the target of the click, hide it to prevent . You can see attached image.

Hi @sebit.mustafa.alkan, thanks for the additional information.

While I applaud your creativity in using this approach, I do not recommend manually modifying the default UI. Doing so may result in unexpected/undocumented changes (such as the issue you are experiencing here) or changes to the overall behavior of the SDK’s default UI.

Currently, the only way to achieve what you are looking for that is supported by the SDK is by implementing a custom UI from scratch.

Please note that if you do find a way to fix the workaround you were previously using, it is not officially supported by the SDK. For that reason, we will not be able to provide assistance if it causes similar issues in future releases.