Summary of Zoom add-on developer skills

  1. I want to engage a software developer to develop an add-on for Zoom web, desktop, and mobile. What skills should I ask for on each platform?

  2. Any suggestions on where to find/advertise for Zoom developers?

Hi CameronK,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Not sure if the term “add-on” in your 1st question means apps that integrate Zoom SDK. If so, you may have a look at our SDK doc: and get to know about our SDKs.

Unfortunately, I do not know where to advertise for Zoom developers but I am afraid this forum is not the right place to hire Zoom developers.


Hi @Carson_Chen

Thanks for your reply. Sorry if ‘add-on’ isn’t the right term to use. If I briefly describe the development I’d like to commission, perhaps you can tell me the correct term for it?

I don’t want to integrate Zoom with other software, I want to develop a configurable timer, installed by each meeting participant, controlled by the host or co-host, that is displayed over the top of every meeting so that it can be seen by all participants (or perhaps just the participant on whom there is a spotlight). The timer will be set and reset for each speaker during the course of the meeting.

With the above in mind, is the SDK documentation you mentioned still relevant in looking for someone to develop such functionality to add on to Zoom?


Hi Cameron,

Thanks for the reply. Based on the description, it sounds like the term “add-on” or “plugin” would be correct, and SDK will not be the solution for the requirements. I don’t know what you are mentioning is possible at the moment, I will forward your post to the feature request forum and one of our Marketplace experts could provide more insights.


Hi @Carson_Chen

As a professional business systems analyst, I’ll be very pleased to more formally (but very briefly) document the requirements and product vision for the feature which has been requested by more than 300,000 users in my organisation. I’ve no doubt that it will also be useful to any other organisation using Zoom for meetings run formally under parliamentary procedure.

Please feel free to message me directly.


Hey @CameronK,

This currently is not possible with the Zoom Developer Platform. You can add this feature request here:

You can also already show an in meeting timer:


Thanks, @tommy.

The meeting timer only shows the duration of the whole meeting. What my organisation needs is a timer for each scheduled speaker who is only permitted to speak for a set period during our meeting. I’ll submit the feature request as you suggested.


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Thanks for submitting that as a feature request! :slight_smile: