Showing Non Video Participants option with Custom UI

When using a customized UI with the Android SDK and setting the InMeetingSetting.setShowNonVideoParticipants to false, does Zoom handle removing participants without video or is there additional work to our video view that is needed to achieve the same result as the Zoom app to hide participants who have no video feed?

Which Android Meeting SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Set up custom UI zoom app
  2. During a meeting, set the function call setShowNonVideoParticipants to false (same behavior as true)
  3. Have a few participants join the meeting
  4. Observe if the participants are hidden if their video feed is turned off.

If applicable, add screenshots to help explain your problem.

Troubleshooting Routes
Tried using the sample app to no definitive answer.

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • OS : Android 11

Additional context
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Hello @derrick1 ,

Thanks for posting on our developer forum. Wondering if the function you mention InMeetingSetting.setShowNonVideoParticipants equals MeetingSettingsHelper.setHideNoVideoUsersEnabled? Since we don’t have a function named “setShowNonVideoParticipants”. If you’re mentioning MeetingSettingsHelper.setHideNoVideoUsersEnabled then it only works in the default user interface, This function doesn’t work with the customized user interface.
Thank you


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