Sign Me Out From All Devices does not revoke OAuth access token

On the Zoom website, there is an option on the profile page to “Sign Me Out From All Devices”. When you choose this option and confirm your choice on the dialog that pops up, you are immediately signed out of the desktop app. However, OAuth access tokens for 3rd party app integrations are not revoked, meaning you remain logged into these apps/devices.

Is this intended behavior? Just want to confirm so we can properly document it.

Hi @vuzix_greg ,

This is expected behavior. OAuth tokens are a way for third-party applications to access your account without needing your password.

When you sign out of your account,the action ensures that anyone accessing your devices cannot use your Zoom account without re-authenticating. However, if you also need the 3rd party apps to loose the access to your account, then you need to uninstall them from here: App Marketplace