Simple cam to cam in my PHP web site

Hello I am a new member wanting to know the best place to start in the forum to ask questions about using zoom in my PHP web site. I want to have members of my site to be able to record a short video and post it on there profile for other members to view and I want members to be able to chat direct member to member from there profiles without using software. I am guessing Java may be the way to go just need to know where to do my searching at so i start off there


Thank you for using Zoom.

Feel free to post any questions / doubts that you may be having. For better responses, please make sure that you provide as much as information as possible and post it in the correct category.

Let us know if you have any questions.


Hi thx for the invite I am just wondering should I use API or SDK or Java to build a simple cam to cam solution for my web site? They have already signed up to my web site as a member I want them to be able to chat member to member

Hi @videodate88,

Sorry for the delayed response.

Here are some recommendations:

For recording a video, you can consider using the Create a Meeting API endpoint. Make sure you set the value of auto recording to cloud.

When your members want to view a recording, you can consider using the recover a single recording API endpoint.

Let me know if you have any questions.