I need to build a website that allows it's users to video call each other?

Hi, I’m building a website in wordpress, where users can talk to each other through video calls. I have a few requirements with that. I want the users to sign up on my website and their respective zoom IDs be created automatically from my website’s PHP code (no user interaction should be needed). On the chat section in my website, 2 users can start a video call. All the video calls must be recorded [on my website’s server], because the video calls may need to be moderated by admins of my website (for possible dispute/abuse, or just for proof keeping). I read zoom developer docs and I realized that creating a user (completely) through APIs is possible, but with some requirements (including a paid zoom account). I want to know if the following is possible (and what I will need for it):

1: creating zoom accounts (from APIs) for my website’s users without any user interaction
2: starting meeting between any 2 users
3: controlling the duration of the meeting (long meetings will be a paid feature on my website)
4: keeping full video records of all meetings ON MY SERVER.

I also want to know what will be requirements (including estimated costs) for these services.


Hi @taabeer,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and great to hear you’re looking to integrate Zoom. :slight_smile:

This should certainly be possible, and would likely require a combination of our APIs and our Web SDK. You could also leverage our Cloud Recording capability and Recording APIs.

As a first step, I recommend checking out this Getting Started guide, which covers these points:

Let me know if this helps—thanks!

Glad I could help :slight_smile:

Thankyou for sharing.