Simplify process to generate JWT token

I’m trying to check the possibility of creating a web portal where I facilitate instructors to arrange for classes using the Zoom platform. Each instructor who joins my web portal will still be using their own zoom account to conduct the class. Now in order to create class, meeting has to be created from instructor’s account. I can create the meeting using the API but for that I need to generate the JWT token and use it as authorization with each API request. Now if I have say 100 instructors who wants to conduct online classes then I will have to first create 100 market place app, one in each instructor’s zoom account and then get the JWT token and then store generated token it in my web app. Apart of this, I need to keep refreshing this token as it expires after predefined time.

This whole process of creating app and generating token is bit technical and not all instructors can understand and do it themselves. Also, if I create the app for all the instructors then it is bit cumbersome and not all instructor will share their account password with me. Given this, is there any easier way to solve this issue and make the onboarding of instructors with the zoom account easier in my case? My purpose is to use instructor’s account and create the meetings and start the meetings in their own accounts.

Pls revert back with possible solution/approach to the scenarios I mentioned.

Hey @krunalc,

Are each of these hosts under separate Zoom accounts? If so, you’re correct in that you’ll need to generate unique JWTs for each, but if they’re under the same account, you’d be able to use one set of credentials.

Have you had a chance to check out the token generator libraries on You might consider writing a script to generate the token after ingesting each account’s credentials.


At present, each person will use his own zoom account. I cannot use single zoom account because if I do so I cannot hold meetings simultaneously e.g. Person A and B both scheduled meeting at 5 PM then zoom will allow only one person to start the meeting and not both. I’m not sure whether any paid package from zoom supports holding simultaneous meetings or not. If hosting of simultaneous meeting is possible then it will solve my problem as I will do the configuration one time and token generated can use for multiple users.

I have come across one video where it seems that program is requesting the access of zoom account from user and using oAuth, program gets the control of the zoom account. Kindly check this video.

If you can throw some light on how access can be requested as shown in video (and getting key and secret for each account) then also it will be helpful for me.

I’m not sure about how will help me. Any sample or document from your side will greatly help.

Look forward to get some direction…

Hey @krunalc,

The example in the video you’ve shared appears to be using OAuth for authentication, not JWT. If you wish to use this type of authentication instead of JWT, you can set up access credentials and create an OAuth app on the Marketplace. OAuth apps allow you to access/manage users on accounts other than your own, which it sounds like you’re trying to do—so this may be best for you.

Follow the Create an OAuth App guide for a full walkthrough.


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