Simulating participant using video file - WebGL not supported

We have a test page that uses a video file as a media stream and it works fine on desktops but we can’t seem to run it using AWS EC2 instances. We tried both Ubuntu & Windows with Nvidia GPU drivers but keep getting a WebGL is not supported error and the video file. Messing with flags on Chrome also didn’t help. The video just never renders.

Ideally we are able to pass a generic MediaStream object to the VideoSDK as we can easily generate a stream on these EC2 devices but the SDK doesn’t accept a generic MediaStream object and we are limited to either using a webcam or a video file.

Browser Console Error
Initialization of backend webgl failed
WebGL is not supported on this device

Which Web Video SDK version?

Video SDK Code Snippets
mediaFile: { loop: true, url }

Hey @akai

Thanks for your feedback.

At present, Video SDK Web only supports running in a browser environment or in applications that mimic a browser environment (such as Electron apps or embedded webviews).

It does not currently support running in a Node.js environment.


Hey @vic.yang, we are indeed trying to run this within a Chrome browser on an EC2 Linux instance and the browser console errors pointed above are referring to errors showing up on the Chrome browser.

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