Size Issue of Zoom Instant SDK (Android / iOS)

We are using zoom-instant-sdk-android-1.0.2 and zoom-instant-sdk-iOS-1.0.2 in our android and iOS applications respectively. We are in good shape with the integration and close to publishing the apps. But, we are really worried about the total app size of ours after integrating zoom sdk. The zoom sdk file size is 73 MB for android which makes our total app size 95 MB (our app size is 22 MB without zoom sdk). The same applies to the iOS sdk.

Can the zoom team provide a lighter version of the sdk for android and iOS?

Looking forward to your kind response.

Zoom SDK that we are using

Version : zoom-instant-sdk-android-1.0.2 / zoom-instant-sdk-iOS-1.0.2

Hi @alam.ashraful, thanks for the post.

For Android, the best option for reducing the size is applying abiFilters. We currently do have an equivalent action to take for iOS, unfortunately.


@jon.lieblich , Thanks for your response. We had already applied abiFilters(“arm64-v8a”, “armeabi-v7a”, “x86”) but the size reduces only 13 MB since the SDK itself is quite large(73 MB). It’d be great if the size of the SDK were a little bit smaller.


Hi @alam.ashraful,

The only other option we can offer to help at this time is to set extractNativeLibs in your manifest to true.


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