Some API not returning data.


I am trying to import the Meetings details conducted by different users. when I run ‘report/daily’ API it gives the following data, { date: ‘2018-08-28’, new_users: 0, meetings: 50, participants: 101, meeting_minutes: 1893 }, { date: ‘2018-08-29’, new_users: 0, meetings: 24, participants: 51, meeting_minutes: 934 }

but when I try to get the meeting details using,

  1. ‘metrics/meetings’

  2. users/{userid}/meetings (tried with all the users who conducted the meeting) it is not returning data.

Note - Using Zoom API version 2


Hi Kiran, 

Would you be able to post the request payloads for ‘metrics/meetings’ and users/{userid}/meetings so that we can take a closer look?

Also, for a better support experience, moving forward please post any questions to our new Marketplace support forum -