Participant webhooks missing and API calls fail to show data?

We have had multiple reports today of things failing.

We depend on knowing who joined a meeting. Due to previous webhook issues (long documented since March, never fully resolved), we removed some dependencies there and added a polling approach to the “Get past meeting participants” API.

That too is returning no participants, yet we know that is not the case.

So where are they?

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Just to mention that it seems there are other reports in the forum of the same issue - Getting participants returns zero and Get List Meeting Participant

Hope Zoom can let us know what is the situation here.

Hi @jimig @v.hristov,

We experienced an incident with our reporting APIs that has since been resolved. Please let me know if you’re still seeing issues.


Thanks, Will, I will let you know if this happens again on our end.


We have the same problem with reports. Both with ID and UUID they do not return all the data. From the web panel export all the data without problems.

Hi @soporte3,

Can you share a recent example? If you could share the full request and response body, I’m happy to take a closer look.


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