Sometimes IMeetingParticipantsController::ChangeUserName returns

Meeting SDK Type and Version
Meeting SDK type: Windows SDK
Meeting SDK version:

Calling IMeetingParticipantsController::ChangeUserName for current user from within IMeetingParticipantsCtrlEvent::onUserJoin callback sometimes returns SDKERR_WRONG_USAGE.

One thing that I noticed when this happens is that calling IUserInfo::IsHost returns false for host of the meeting. This does not happen every time, but once in 10 meetings.


How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior including:

  1. Use custCreate account with ZAK for login
  2. Join someones meeting with that account
  3. Call ChangeUserName within onUserJoin callback for your custCreate account
  4. Occasionally observe failure

@carson.zoom friendly ping on this ticket

Acually now I have encountered another instance where error code is: SDKERR_INTERNAL_ERROR and SDKERR_TOO_FREQUENT_CALL. Is there any good documentation around it

Hi @bogdan.lytvynovskyi ,

Thanks for the post, I’m happy to help here! Only the host or co-host can change other users’ names, could you confirm if the SDKERR_WRONG_USAGE error code only occurs when the user is no longer a host?

You can find the documentation of error codes there:

The user is never a host, but API works 99% of times. It only changes it’s own name, and sporadically fails