Sort parameter on GET /me/webinars and /me/meetings


We are wondering what the plans are for adding a sort parameter to the endpoints that list webinars and meetings (same URL but ending in meetings/meetings…this interface only lets me add two links per post).

The reason we want this is because we want to display only, say, upcoming webinars, which means it would be great to start by start_time in descending order. Instead, we have to download all the webinars and then sort and filter on our end.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?


Which Endpoint/s?

See Description above…

Additional context

This same question was asked here. In that thread @tommy said it would be marked as an FR, but then the thread was closed on 8/21/2020. What does it mean for a thread to be closed? Is it on a roadmap? Is there anywhere we can track its status?

Hey @scott.halgrim,

We do plan on matching the query params of the List Meeting endpoint to the List Webinar endpoint. (ZOOM-149144)

As for other query params / filters like start_time and order, feel free to add those as a feature request here: #feature-requests

Regarding threads closing, they close after 1 month of no activity, with the last reply being a Zoom Staff member.


Thanks @tommy,

The List Meetings endpoint also doesn’t have any parameters that allow for sorting from newest to oldest. And that’s what this (List meetings and webinars order) request specifically asked for where you said you’d noted it as an FR. Is there such an FR I can upvote or do I need to add a new one?

Thanks again,


Hey @scott.halgrim,

Gotcha! Can you share the link to the meeting endpoint you are referring to so we are on the same page?


It’s here @tommy :

Hey @scott.halgrim,

Thanks for sharing that with us to confirm. At the moment, you’re correct in that we don’t have a sort parameter for this endpoint, though this is something that has been submitted as a feature request. (ZOOM-198327)

Thanks again for raising this!


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