Speaker Green Room in Webinar

In a webinar with multiple successive speakers, speakers either have to join before the meeting goes live or sneak in while another individual is presenting. They end being really early and disrupting their day or on time and risk disrupting the meeting.

Leveraging the breakout room functionality, it would be ideal if there was a way to place or automatically start speakers in a “Green Room” before they are invited onto the Zoom Webinar stage. This would also permit the host with the opportunity to check for any technical issues prior to going live (e.g. poor audio, lighting, webcam malfunctioning, etc).


This is a great idea. We have a five day conference with 4 to 5 speakers per day. At the moment, the only way we can figure out to have them enter “quietly” is to have “MUTE participant on entry” ON and to prohibit them from turning ON their video until their time to take the stage arrives.

I agree as well. We run a number of virtual events and webinars for customers and this comes up all the time. Exposing even a single breakout room in the webinar product and allowing us to move presenters between “live” and the breakout room would be amazingly helpful.

I totally agree with it. It will be very helpful for many brands and people around the globe.

We just migrated from GotoWebinar to Zoom. What we didn’t know is Zoom does not have a Green Room functionality which is something we also didn’t realize we really leveraged prior. This is a must if you are hosting Webinars. It gives the presenters a chance to check technical, finish any last minute discussions, and simply click a button to move into live mode. Zoom should have this functionality.


I am hosting a multi panel event in a week and am really concerned about the lack of green room. This is something that Zoom really needs to introduce or they will lose business to others who include the feature. I like Zoom but if I cannot make the transition smoothly, I don’t see how Zoom can call itself an event platform that can support hundreds of speakers.

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This would be a very helpful feature - I agree.

I’m working with a client to set up a conference-type webinar with successive panel discussions. Having a green room is critical to test connections, audio, video, etc before going live with a panel. I am really surprised Zoom doesn’t include this key function. I like Zoom but if it’s not available soon we will have to transition to another platform.

I agree with everyone about the green room. I think it is a critical function as more and more people push the limits of zoom. I strongly suggest adding this feature. In addition, it would be great if you could change the name of someone in the waiting room.