SSO integration

This is Abhigyan.
I am working on SSO integration with Zoom and have some doubts regarding that.
Our requirement is this
1)There will be link to join Zoom Webinar in our application,
2)When the user clicks on the link he should be logged in to zoom account and redirected to the webinar page.

I wanted to know for SSO
1)Which url I should send the request?
2) What kind of request it will be ?
3)What parameters need to sent with the request?

Please guide me on this.

Hi Abhigyan & @Jigsaw_Academy, for SSO logins, we provide a SCIM2 API for creating and managing Users.

Here is our API Reference for creating a User (HTTP POST request), which outlines the required fields:

Let us know if this helps!

Hi Michael, Thanks for the reply.
I tried testing the api
1)When I tested it using API tester available in zoom, the request was successfull and i got the appropriate response.But the user account was not created in admin account.
2)When I tested using Postman, I am getting this response
“schemas”: [
“detail”: “syntax error, pos 1”,
“status”: 400

My request body is this
“schemas”: [
“userName”: "",
“userType”: “Basic”,
“name”: {
“givenName”: “Himanshu Malpande”
“loginType”: {
“sso”: “true”

Can you explain in detail the flow which will happen?

Hi @Jigsaw_Academy, using the API Test Requests on our documentation will not have any impact on your account, as it uses test credentials. In Postman are you entering your credentials in to the Authorization tab? You’ll need to create a Json Web Token and enter this as your Bearer Token.

Follow these steps to create a JWT App:

Follow this guide to authentication with JWT:

Let us know if it works after authorization!

I am using the JWT token from page where my app credentials are there.
My doubt is this
1)The user should be created which is also not happening currently.
2)When the request will be made from application and the user is created , how the user is going to login to zoom automatically?

@Jigsaw_Academy, to use the SCIM2 API, you will need to a Business or Education account with an approved Vanity URL.

To setup SSO login, follow our support documentation on Getting Started with SSO.