It there any way to create sso user before use it?


I found an api named user/ssocreate, but it only for api partner.  

Hi lin,

Can you provide a little more context? How do you plan on creating/using this user?

Hi Joshua, thanks for help.

Our employees have two scenario to use Zoom.

  1. Using Zoom standard clients(android,ios, pc), employee login with SSO.

2 .Using Custom APP which integrate Zoom Mobile SDK enable  to start meeting.

For first case,everything is ok, sso user would be created when user login with sso option.

The problem is second case, when employee  A want to start a meeting,  the sso user info for A  is required. 

But sso user for employee A may doesn’t exist, because A never  using zoom standard clients to login in. 

In this case, sso use creation is necessary before start meeting via Mobile SDK.

user/ssocreate api is designed to do this, but this api is only for API Partner which is not best choice for our business.

I hope there is alternative way to achieve the same goal ? 





Hi Lin,


Have you tried using the user/ssocreate api? Do you get an error message?


This API should be available to all API users, we are updating the documentation to remove the “API partner” verbiage.

Hi Joshua, 

 I have tried. the response of user/create is 

“error”: {
“code”: 2002,
“message”: “Only available for Enabled Pre-provisioning SSO Partners”




Hi Joshua,  is any updates about the issue mentioned by Lin?


For this API your account would need SSO turned on.

Click “Submit a Request” at the top of this page, to file a ticket and confirm this setting is turned on for your account.