Start_time vs created_at time format

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I want to clarify my understanding of the “created_at” vs “start_time” datetime formats for webinars and meetings. See below for the start_time and created_at time for a sample webinar. My understanding is that the created_at field is GMT/UTC, while the start_time field is the local time associated with the timezone field, despite them both having the same apparent format, i.e. ‘%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ’. It also looks like the start_time field is on a 12 hour vs 24 hour clock. Then the join/leave times associated with meeting/webinar participants are in the local time of the meeting rather than UTC. Is my understanding correct?

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Upon further inspection I think that my first thought was incorrect and that all of the timestamps are GMT/UTC.

Hey @hannahfertig, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Yes all of the timestamps should be consistent across your Zoom account. :slight_smile:

If the time stamp has a Z on the end, it means it is UTC/GMT.

Here is a great explanation of how the Z compares to timezones.


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