Do Zoom Web SDK run on mobile browsers

Pls advise if we can run video conferencing using Zoom web sdk on mobile web browsers?

Hey @helloparent,

You can, but for the best experience right now, you should use the Zoom Mobile app for browsers.


Tommy, thank you for the response. However, when we are trying to run the video on the mobile browser it is not running. Can you assist?

Kindly respond.

  1. The web sdk is not mobile responsive and does not work in mobile browser
  2. There are many Audio Connectivity issues when the meeting is going on
  3. When I try to run on Chrome on Ipad or a tablet, chrome does not support audio. What to do in this case?

Hey @helloparent,

For the best experience right now on mobile, you should use the Zoom Mobile app for browsers.

You can provide your users the join_url, which will open the Zoom app from your application.


Thanks @tommy. However, this is not a feasible option for us as we would want the user to use the video tool within our platform.

Hey @helloparent,

Please keep an eye on our changelog as we are improving and fixing bugs in our Web SDK:


Hi tommy, we tried to use the join url to launch the Zoom client within the browser. But we would want to hide the meeting id from the participants (to ensure better security). The meeting ids are present in the URL and the on the screen also.

Also, from the host side, if we try to launch the browser, it asks for login details. That would mean the user has to enter the login details again and again to conduct the meeting.

Can we control that?

Yes you can. Just hide that particular info <div> from CSS. Just a note that do not rely on Zoom Web SDK for your mobile users. I have spent lot of time on this topic and now I have changed my mind to develop my own Android an iOS apps just because Web SDK is not supporting iOS mobile devices.

If you have any plans to use Web SDK in your webpage, be aware about this bug.

At the end of the day, your end-users will blame to your site because Web SDK has that bug.


Please see my comment below explaining the reason why audio for iOS devices deos not work at the moment -

[quote="[CRITICAL] No Audio for mobile iOS browsers Web SDK, post:2, topic:19721"]


@jude.niroshan11 : Web SDK from Zoom is not even a half baked product and there are way too many bugs in it to use it successfully. That is why we were trying to redirect to the Zoom client in web browser and wondering if atleast audio/video issues can be resolved.

Hey @helloparent,

We are working to bring the Web SDK to feature parity with the Zoom Client. Your best option for using Zoom on mobile is using the Zoom App. You can use the join_url to open the Zoom app.


Hi @tommy

Appreciate your response. However, we have been following up on Web SDK issues for more than a month now and havent seen any updates. Further there are no timelines provided to us regarding the various issues and update (Audio/Video Issues, Gallery View, Annotation, Local Record, Mobile responsive etc) which renders the Web SDK unusable.

Further as we are using with schools, it is not possible to launch the Zoom app due to limitations - we cannot show meeting IDs to students, muting controls etc are not possible. I am seeing a lot of schools now shifting to Microsoft Teams which is stable and has almost similar features to Zoom.

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