Update on Gallery View Support for Mobile Browsers?

I would like to know if there is an update on the gallery view feature for Android/iOS browsers. The gallery view feature details page has been removed from the Zoom documentation website (https://developers.zoom.us/docs/video-sdk/web/gallery-view/) and now redirects to this page: Video SDK - web - SharedArrayBuffer (zoom.us).
Previously, as per your documentation, we cannot render multiple videos on a single canvas in mobile browsers. Can you please confirm if this limitation still exists or if we can now render multiple videos on mobile browsers?
Please update your documentation for mobile browser support. Most of our users are on mobile browsers.

Which Web Video SDK version?

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Hey @arfa.ahmed

Thanks for your feedback.

Now, gallery view is supported on mobile browsers.

If SharedArrayBuffer is not enabled, you can also enable gallery view by specifying the enforceMultipleVideos option in the client.init method.

At runtime, you can also use the stream.isSupportMultipleVideos() method to determine if gallery view is supported.


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Thanks @vic.yang for confirmation

but gallery view not working If SharedArrayBuffer is not enabled.

Hey @arfa.ahmed

Could you try our sample app? We tested it and it works.

Or, If you can integrate client-side telemetry and report logs, we can help analyze where the issue might be.


Yes, I have tested your demo app. In it, the self-user video is not rendering. I believe you need to update this line of code (videosdk-web-sample/src/feature/video/hooks/useRenderVideo.ts at 369e86e79d4619579d74fc8caf5ff3b560a20a1e · zoom/videosdk-web-sample · GitHub). It appears to be related to skipping self-video rendering if SharedArrayBuffer is not enabled.

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