Start zoom meeting on one device(phone/tablet) from another device (desktop/laptop)

I would like to start a zoom meeting (which I know the meeting ID for) remotely

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

The use case is to help avoid users having to manually type the meeting pin in. We do not have the ability to integrate with our calendar and would like to initiate this remotely when the user is logged in to a device with calendar access (desktop/laptop) and is running zoom on a different device (usually phone/tablet)

Hi @pmek,

When you create a meeting for a user, you get two values:
Start_url and join_url.

The start_url is intended for the host to start the meeting and the join_url is intended for the participant to join the meeting.

Once the meeting is created, if the host is attending the meeting from the same device (which created the meeting), he could do so by clicking the start_url.

If the host is attending the meeting from some other device, then you need to pass the value of the start_url from the current device to the users device within your own logic.

Let me know if this helps.


thanks for the help. I was hoping zoom would have a way of knowing what other devices the user is logged in to (since there is a log user out of all devices option in the preferences) and I could call an API that told a specific device zoom instance to join the meeting.

I do know about the start and join URL’s.

Hi @pmek,

You can use this Dashboard API: to know what device the participant is using while attending the meeting.

Please note that you need a Business or a higher plan to use this API.