Starting meeting as host unsuccessful

Using meeting android sdk latest version 5.13.

Unfortunately facing meeting connectivity issue.
Scenario is that we are able to start meeting as host but when we leave that meeting and try reattempting it does not connect.

Sometimes it allows starting the same meeting 3 to 4 times as host and on 5th attempt it fails etc.

Then on log out and login, and attempting to start the meeting as host succeed.

Why do you think the meeting is unable to start when it did connect before.

Hello @jomy.paul2 ,

Thank you for posing on our developer forum.
The issue might happen when you start a meeting before the callback onMeetingLeaveComplete is triggered. Please make sure to start a new meeting after this callback and the meeting would start properly.
Thank you


Thank you Elaine for the reply. I am starting after the callback onMeetingLeaveComplete. I put further logs and observed these

  1. attempt 1 : meeting successfully connected
  2. leave meeting
  3. wait for onLeaveComplete callback, start meeting again
  4. notice 101 error returned for starting the meeting
  5. leave that meeting again and wait for leavecomplete callback
  6. start meeting again as host, and get callback onMeetingNeedPasswordOrDisplayName …but this is start meeting as host that needs only meeting number, zak token, displayname , userType 0,

Hi @jomy.paul2 ,

I would like to know whether you’re using our sample App to do the testing or using your own App. I’m not able to reproduce this issue using the sample App, would you please let me know whether this issue happened on our sample App too?
If you’re able to provide the SDK log file would be better for us to investigate the problem.
Also, is there any message that is printed on the console such as “Already has a meeting in progress”?
Thank you


Thank you Elaine for your reply.
I am trying this in my app and not in sample. this is the drive link for the log
What I noticed is that , we need to keep the meeting running for 5 to 10 minutes, and then leave , wait for callbacks and start and then we start noticing this error of password required.

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