Starting Zoom call in Zoom app on Android using MeetingID and Passcode via Intent

I’m developing an app for a wearable headset with camera. The purpose is to be able to join Zoom call in Zoom app having a standard Zoom invite e-mail with text like so:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 698 615 1489
Passcode: jGSofv

The invite email is presented on smartphone or a laptop screen.

Device camera cannot reliably recognize the URL, but we managed to get reliable Meeting ID and Passcode values from text below the link. The issue is that having these credentials we cannot send an Android Intent to join given call without user entering anything else. The passcode is always required.

Is there any way to work around this?

P. S.: so far I’ve used this URI for Android Intent:


P. P. S.: from my scenario comes a feature request: please include a QR code with “join zoom meeting” URL link encoded alongside with text URL link - this way anyone with an invite email can let other people join the call just by showing it to them and allowing to scan the QR.

Just to be clear, when you disable the passcode setting for meeting in your Zoom Portal, do you see that using that join URL format always prompts for a passcode?