ZoomSDKMeetingError ClientIncompatible while trying to join meeting

I am trying to join a meeting without login. MeetingServiceDelegate.onMeetingStatusChange gets called 3 times with connecting, disconnecting and the finally a failed ZoomSDKMeetingStatus. On the last call the the ZoomSDKMeetingError is ZoomSDKMeetingError_ClientIncompatible.

Any Ideas what could be going on. This makes me think it has something to do with the recent encryption changes. I can’t find anything in the SDK to set which encryption to use. I am using the latest SDK 5.0.1 (24433.0616)

SDK version?
5.0.1 (24433.0616)

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

      let meeting = sdk.getMeetingService()
      meeting.delegate = meetingServiceDel
      let joinParam = ZoomSDKJoinMeetingElements()
      joinParam.meetingNumber = 0123456789
      joinParam.displayName = "Name"
      joinParam.userType = ZoomSDKUserType_WithoutLogin

macOS 10.15.5

Hi @lucas,

Thanks for the post. All versions after 4.6.21666.0427 support the new GCM encryption so the version you are using is GCM compatible. Was the SDK initialization success? Could you provide the SDK log for us to further investigate?


I don’t see a “isInit” var but when it is not initialized I can’t get anything from getAuthService() so my answer is: Yes it is initialized successfully.


Anything new from you @carson.zoom? I have not been able to get around this. Note that the ZoomSDKSample seems to work just fine, using the same SDK files.

I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. Hoping you have more insight looking at log.

Well I got it working. Calling - (ZoomSDKError)switchDomain:(NSString*)newDomain force:(BOOL)force; brakes the system so that when joining a call it fails with that “client incompatible” error.

Why was I calling that? Well I believe that line was just in my code from when I was first figuring out the sdk init and auth.

Hi @lucas,

Thanks for the post. For some unknown reasons, your post was missed so pardon the late response. We have tried to reproduce the issue with our demo but we are not able to experience it. Glad to hear that the issue has been resolved on your end. Please let us know if the problem has returned.