startMetting errorCode=100, internalErrorCode=16

API user start metting
ApiUserStartMeetingHelper.getInstance().joinMeetingWithNumber(this, meetingNo, meetingPassword,zak)

start meeting ,When the meeting starts, a pop-up window will pop up.

  • Device: xiaomi 12 spro
  • OS: Android 13

023-07-11 15:30:40.943 30662-30662/us.zoom.sdkexample D/ZoomSDKExample: onMeetingStatusChanged MEETING_STATUS_DISCONNECTING:0:0
2023-07-11 15:30:40.944 30662-30662/us.zoom.sdkexample I/ZoomSDKExample: onMeetingStatusChanged, meetingStatus=MEETING_STATUS_DISCONNECTING, errorCode=0, internalErrorCode=0
2023-07-11 15:30:40.945 30662-30662/us.zoom.sdkexample D/ZoomSDKExample: onMeetingStatusChanged MEETING_STATUS_FAILED:100:16
2023-07-11 15:30:40.945 30662-30662/us.zoom.sdkexample I/ZoomSDKExample: onMeetingStatusChanged, meetingStatus=MEETING_STATUS_FAILED, errorCode=100, internalErrorCode=16

Hi @abc2353319759
Thanks for reaching out to us
Can you please make sure that the meeting ID is valid and it has not expired yet?

I didn’t give SDK an metting ID, so the SDK doesn’t generate it automatically,If you have to give an metting ID, what are the rules for generating that metting ID

You can programmatically creat a meeting using our Rest API

So what is the use of our SDK, we apply for the SDK, because the SDK helps us reduce a lot of things

Just to confirm are you using meeting SDK or video SDK app type?
The meeting SDK allows you to embed zoom into your app or prefered platform and you should be able to also generate meeting programmatically using the credentials associated with your app

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