Startup getting started

Startup trying to get app to users:

Hello everyone, I am creating a new startup, and my users are using zoom, I am starting with a little group before launching to a broader audience. I don’t have the necessary setup to meet the requirements to get the app on marketplace.

My question is.

What can I do from here.
I want to just add the first couple of users to my account so they at least can get started.

And second, what is the fastest way to get the needed requirements in place? Can you recommend any setup for testing and so on for me to get it done as fast as possible?

Hello @bachir.kurdi

Thank you for your post, please use the resource here" What is a Test Plan and how should you approach creating it?

That should help you complete a test plan. Then you can use this checklist to check all the remaining requirements and ensure they are filled properly to provide us with the resources to complete your review as soon as possible.

Regards, Kwaku