Status of SDK and roadmap for fixing the problems


It would be really helpful to understand when we are likely to see an SDK update which fixes some of the core problems that currently exist (mainly around spotlighting) as these are currently causing our users a lot of problems - there are only so many times you can say “we are waiting on an SDK update from zoom” before you look like a broken record.

There was talk a while back about a developer’s round table but this seems to have not been talked about since.

I have recapped what I know of below (for MacOS) - would it be possible for zoom devs to give us some kind of reference for each issue that’s being investigated (an issue number or similar) - this would be really helpful as it would allow us to track the issues internally and could link up with the release notes. Some of these are feature requests but I thought it useful to put in one place

  • Cannot raise your own hand when host or co-host
  • Start Camera Share ignores deviceID (maybe this is never recognised)
  • Setting video filters is broken
  • Pretty much everything about breakout rooms is broken
  • spotlit user changed returns wrong user
  • active video user returns wrong user
  • meeting control bar cannot be hidden reliably
  • most spotlight functions return “success” even when they don’t work - if you call spotlight methods within close proximity then you get very odd results -spotlit user list takes about 1 second to update, generally a mess
  • replaceSpotlight command missing
  • replacePin command missing
  • Cannot download shared files from chat (this may be a new issue)
  • SDK doesn’t expose whether a user is allowed to rearrange their gallery
  • SDK doesn’t allow you to control whether a user is allowed to rearrange their gallery
  • No “Leave Computer Audio” equivalent SDK method




Hey @richard1,

Thanks for using the dev forum! It is nice to see you again.

We at Zoom are very appreciative of our developer community and posts like these. I understand that it must be very frustrating to be left in the dark on timelines and issue fixes. We are working very hard to improve the developer experience for our SDK users in this regard and others. Everything you have said is correct and has not gone unnoticed. We will try to do better in the future with delivering necessary information in reasonable timelines to our developer community.

It is not ideal for developers using our product to have to wonder when a certain bug fix/feature will be delivered. However, it can be difficult to guarantee timelines on certain things because of the various factors that can delay a release. We are working hard to find better ways to deliver information of future versions without providing incorrect info.

Thank you for providing this list and I will make sure that the list is seen by the necessary people here at Zoom.

We really appreciate you all, and we want to make your lives easier. If you haven’t already, please make sure to fill out the developer survey at the top of this forum.



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