Still "Already has other meetings in progress." Problem in latest ver, please help!

Error showing when a registered attendee try to join in webinar using the Web SDK.

Already has other meetings in progress.

Which Web Meeting SDK version?
Web SDK 1.9.6, i have update to 1.9.8 & 1.9.9 (latest)

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Host start the webinar using the zoom application.
  2. Attendee try to join in webinar using the browser(Web SDK).
  3. Error shown: “Already has other meetings in progress.”

The message “Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.” keep appearing so i can’t upload image

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Chrome Version Version 94.0.4606.61 (64bit)

Additional context
I have tried for many version of SDK, remove the old one to create the new one but it sill display this message.

Hey @devMedihub ,

Can I ask what role you are passing in when generating the signature? Make sure it is role 0.


Hi Tommy,

Thanks for replying. Here are my code, i’m using mtConfig variable from above that get config data from useSetting (this is custom hook in picture 2). You can see my config in useSetting, i have set role always 0 but still meet “Already has other meetings in progress.” error.


*Note: i’m now using “@zoomus/websdk: 1.9.9” with “react: 16.8.6”

Hey @devMedihub ,

Thanks for sharing these details.

Are you passing in the email? The issue is you are trying to run two meetings at the same time.

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