String length not specified in Zoom Phone API fields

I have started to implement the schema for Zoom Phone on our system and I am having difficulty finding the string limits in the Zoom Phone API documentation like they have for Zoom Meeting API.

For example:

Zoom Phone API:
delegation_assistant_extension_id string The extension ID of the delegation assistant: user or common area.

device_id string The device ID.

Zoom Meeting API:

email * string User email address. Constraints: Max 128 chars

first_name string The user’s first name. Cannot contain more than 5 Chinese characters. Constraints: Max 64 chars

None of the string fields in the Zoom Phone API have their length specified. We need to understand the validation (or the limits) so I can prevent our system from sending the strings of unsupported length.
Where can I find that information?

Thank you very much.

Hi @lneyman
Thanks so much for reaching out to us and for bringing this to our attention.
could you please share with me which endpoint are you looking at so I can do some testing on my end and share this information with the Documentation team please?

I am looking at the User in the Zoom Phone API. Actually, a lot of String fields do not have maximum length defined. We are setting up our DB schema to match that of the Zoom APIs and we need to know what the limiting factors are like length or valid ranges. Thanks