Submitting idea

Where can I submit an invention with patent pending that is perfect for Zoom?

Hey @marlenebriner ,

The contact form here would be a great place to reach and share your idea with our team:


It is asking for my company name* and I don’t have a company.

Hello Tommy,
I submitted the form on the 14th. Will you please verify if your team received it?
Thank you so much for your help!

I submitted the form on 9/14.
Will you please verify if your team received it.

Hi @marlenebriner,

I’m so glad you were able to get the form filled out :smiley:

We don’t offer verification for form submission here on the forum or anywhere really due to the volume of requests that would need manual checking etc. We have those process setup as self-serve on purpose to remove the manual work. If the team is interested in finding out more they will reach out to you with the info you provided.

In this area of the forum we try to keep things focused on integrations developers are building for Zoom and helping solve issues that come up during the publishing process.

I’m glad Tommy was able to help you get to the right place and thank you for participating in our community! :smiley: