Getting your app approved from a reviewer?

Getting your app approved.

We keep getting app review requests to add new requirements our app, but couldn’t find these at submission time which resets our submission process.

The only communication seems to be via a Google doc or maybe we missing the communication method altogether. We decide to write a message here to see if we could get better clarity on how to move our submission process to success. We have submitted six times and requires us re-enter submission information for the reviewer. ast update from our reviewer was June 18th and we corrected on June 19th. We understand the Zoom team is doing the best they can, but we are looking for a some special help :slight_smile:


Request Type: CREATE

Review Performed/Message Sent: 06-18-2020

Reviewed by: Abraham Queen

  • Zoom Branding
    • Please capitalize all references to ‘zoom’ or ‘ZOOM’ in your application to ‘Zoom’
    • Short Description


  • Support URL
    • Your Support page will have to include SLA information in order to meet our requirements
    • Description of what customers can expect when engaging your support team, such as:
      • Hours of Your Support Team (if not follow-the-sun)
      • 1st Response SLA (Maximum time a customer should expect to wait until they receive their 1st HUMAN response from your Customer Support Team)

Hey @viddd, happy to look into this for you.

What is your app name?


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Tommy so great to hear from you. I would like the help. App is called

This is our marketplace dashboard link:
App Type: oAuth
App Name:

In my note above, disregard the “review 3” section. That’s a sampling of our last review happening in the Google Doc which seems to have been abandoned. Not sure if you would like the link to it, but we’ve completed the requests from those reviews and have yet to hear back.

Thanks for your help!

Any chance you give us review so we can app approved?

Hey @viddd,

Your app is approved!