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Hi there,

I want to show a preview video before joining the session. The description in the ZoomInstantSDKVideoCanvas.h header file states the following:

Call the function to subscribe video or share data. You can subscribe your ‘preview video’ data with userid=0 before entering the session, you can just call it after you called “joinSession:”. Otherwise, you can subscribe video or share data using the real userid in callback “onUserJoin:”.

I’m not sure if I understand the description right. I assumed userid=0 means the user instance of mySelf. But I can’t get an instance if I’m not in a session.

Is there a way to show a preview of the local video?

Hi @blindgaenger, thanks for the post.

There is no way to render video of any user through the SDK outside of a session. If you wish to display a user’s video outside of a session, it would need to be done without using the SDK.


That’s unfortunate, but understandable. Thanks @jon.lieblich for your quick reply.

Hey @blindgaenger,

Please let us know if you have any other questions.


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