Subset of Zoom App users getting "Account does not support REST API." Error

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

We have an App in Zoom marketplace that we’re trying to intall at one of our customers. The users are not able to connect/install the app (they’re on Zoom pro tier), and we’re seeing the following error at the back-end: {‘code’: 200, ‘message’: ‘Account does not support REST API.’}

We’ve tried creating a new role for our app users within this account, and enabled “marketplace” and “zoom for developers” permission within their roles. We’re still not able to connect user accounts with the app.

Our app works fine with other customers, but is having this issue with this single customer. Would you know of the account/app settings that we can configure to allow users to use the app?

Interestingly - these users were able to use our app for a couple days, and then it stopped working. When we try to refresh the access token for them, we’re able to do so. But when using that access token to call the REST API, we’re seeing the error: ‘Account does not support REST API.’ Looks like something that was enabled before was subsequently disabled.

Here’s what we’ve tried:

  1. Check other zoom accounts with other customers - they’re working fine
  2. Asked Zoom admin of the impacted customer/account to double check user roles/permissions
  3. Asked Zoom admin of the impacted customer/account to confirm they’re on Zoom pro tier

Note that the API was working fine with this account until December 1, and then suddenly stopped working (and giving this error). Would you mind explaning what a Zoom admin needs to do to set up their users in the right way? Which permissions are they potentially missing that they must add?

Are there any other settings in a user’s account that could potentially lead to such an error?

Please assist.

{‘code’: 200, ‘message’: ‘Account does not support REST API.’}

How To Reproduce
method: oauth
header: ‘Bearer <access_token>’

Hi @startupchat318 ,

Can you reach out to our developer support and provide them with the following information to debig this further?
1]Account ID of the account
2] User ID (if applicable)