Subtitle settings for Meeting SDK (Component View)

I would like to confirm the subtitle setting contents of v2.10.1 of the Meeting SDK (Component View).

What is the function of “Display original and translation” on the attachment screen?

If the check is ON, the text recognized by the subtitle function and the translation result will be displayed on the transcript screen on the right,
I presume that neither will be displayed if it is turned OFF,

When I actually tried the operation, regardless of the ON/OFF state,
We have confirmed that only the recognized text is displayed as attached.

In our service under development,
Due to the requirement that the transcript screen only display closed caption text sent from a third-party system using the Zoom API,
I would like to hide the text by the automatic subtitle function.

Before v2.8.0, there is a setting item “Enable automatic transcription”,
It seems that the text by the automatic subtitle function could be hidden,
Are you aware that the function corresponding to this has been deleted in v2.10.1?
(Or is there a possibility that the above “Display original and translation” is equivalent, but it is not actually working properly?)

Also, can you tell me if there is a way to turn off automatic subtitles in the Meeting SDK (Component View), not limited to subtitle settings?
(There is a way to turn off automatic subtitles in your Zoom account settings, but with this method you will not be able to display the transcript screen, so
If possible, please let me know other methods. )

Thank you very much.

In addition, the other day, I made an inquiry from technical support with the same content as #16762672,
I received a reply asking me to contact this developer forum, so I am posting it here.

Hi @netrlt_zoom02
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.
I am just checking in with you to confirm if you were able to troubleshoot this issue.
Or are you still seeing this behavior where the “Enable automatic transcription” item is not found?

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