Suddenly Error 4011 on joining meeting through Meeting SDK (Web)

Suddenly I get a 4011 error, when trying to join a meeting thought the meeting SDK. Yesterday everything worked fine and today we suddenly get this error. We made not changes to our source code since yesterday…

Here is the tracking code of the /info?meetingNumber=… API Call: v=2.0;clid=us02;rid=WEB_dc3a2fe0e587021725985f49d43eafdf

I appreciate a quick reply as all of our clients are impacted by this…

Browser Console Error
join error code: 4011 To join a meeting hosted by an external Zoom account, your SDK app has to be published on Zoom Marketplace. You can refer to Section 6.1 of Zoom’s API License Terms of Use

Which Web Meeting SDK version?

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Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: MaxBook Ait
  • Browser: Chrome Browser

EDIT: Some additional info: Yes the app has been published on the Zoom Marketplace for over a year now: App Marketplace


Same. On version 3.5.2, upgrading to 3.8.0 didn’t help.
And on Windows with sdk 6.0.11, it isn’t possible to connect to the conference from the application.


We also encountering this issue @chunsiong.zoom @yoon.conner.

Our app have been published for more than 1 year as well.

We’re having the same issue. Please help.

Same issue here as well, app was published Feb this year

Hey folks, we are aware of this issue and investigating it as we speak. I don’t have a meaningful update yet as we are root causing still. @elisa.zoom or I will update you when we know more.

Hi, we are encountering similar issue about joining external meetings on Meeting SDK (Android) as well, we are getting error code 6601. Hope this helps

Hi all, this should be resolved now! Please keep a look out on this thread for further updates.