Summary of each participant's total time speaking

Track cumulative time speaking per participant and provide in meeting summary after meeting end. Allows for review of meeting effectiveness by participant participation (planned vs actual), especially for scripted presentations and repeat meetings.


This would be really useful to build into machine learning analytics if we could request this via the api - it would allow us to identify users that participate vs users that just watch.


A record of speaking time per participant in the usage reports would be extremely helpful. It would provide a tool to analyse engagement at meetings, and could be used as a metric for effective board chairing - as the chair should be encouraged to make sure everyone has an opportunity to speak. Is there any chance this could be developed?


This would be fantastic to help evaluate meeting and team culture. A hypothesis is that there is a correlation between the proportion of who speaks in a meeting and how comfortable other attendees are to share, make suggestions or present alternate viewpoints. This feature (and a post-meeting feedback survey) would really help test out the theory.

Just wanted to add to this request. Helpful to change “improductive meetings” culture in the organization

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I’ve seen this in other conferencing tools and it’s an extremely useful feature


I am very glad to find this discussion in the forum. If number of interruptions could also be captured, that would be great.

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Has there been any update to this request? I’d really like to be able to capture this data as well to evaluate levels of active vs. passive participation in meetings.

I really need this function. It is extremely useful as an English teacher to know how many minutes each of my students has practiced English. Could you please tell me which service offers this statistics? And to Zoom developers, this function will be amazing!

This feature would be very helpful. I have used it previously on Jitsi Meet and it was very handy.

It is available here: Speaker Times in Jitsi Meet - Jitsi

I am unsure of others.

That would be an excellent feature - I am a trainer and it would allow me to track engagement and ensure everyone involves. I would be willing to donate $$ for this feature. Thanks!

It would help to improve daily scrum meetings!

Yep, it would be great to have this feature, similiar to Jitsi!

Definitely would love this feature! Any update from the Zoom team?

Is it possible to build this via API as an app for Zoom?

Please consider building this feature! It would enable people to objectively track participation in meetings to ensure equitable participation. This is an issue when it comes to race, gender, etc. to ensure equitable speaking time. It would also provide feedback for students to better understand the amount of airtime they are using compared to others. As a teacher I would really appreciate it!

Oh this will be great. Great training for me to speak less and leave space for others to speak :slight_smile:

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YES to this. So important for diversity, equity and inclusion reasons. And for efficiency/productivity/impact, too!

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I’d want it to see who is OVER contributing (dominating the conversation).
I may or may not be an over-contributor.

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This would be a valuable feature and would allow for a quantitative perspective of a meeting and team dynamics that could be enlightening.