Support for MacOS 14 Airpods Mute API


In MacOS Sonoma, Apple implemented API and added ability to mute mic in app using gesture on Airpods pro 2.

This feature requires support from app, so please implement this simple functionality callbacks

// Adopting AVAudioApplication into your App
import AVFAudio

// Get the started instance 
let instance = AVAudioApplication.shared

// Register for mute gesture notifications on Notification Center 

// Key for mute state

// Updating AVAudioApplication’s mute state

// Reading AVAudioApplication’s mute state

// Configure the Input Mute State Change handler (macOS only)
instance.setInputMuteStateChangeHandler { isMuted in
	return didSucceed

// Optional: let CoreAudio mute your input for you (macOS only)
// Define the Core Audio property
var inputeMutePropertyAddress = AudioObjectPropertyAddress(
	mSelector: kAudioHardwarePropertyProcessInputMute,
	mScope: kAudioObjectPropertyScopeInput,

// Enable this property when you want to mute your input
UInt32 isMuted = 1; // 1 = muted, 0 = unmuted
						   UInt32(MemoryLayout.size(ofValue: isMuted),


I constantly use AirPods Pro 2 and AirPods Max in zoom and the mute function does not work! Please implement a fix.

Agreed, this would be a really nice feature!

It’s ridiculous that this hasn’t been implemented yet.
Muting / unmuting is such a pain, any improvement should be welcome!

me too!
i don’t know how to fill 20 characters, but i need this function!

Please implement this mute feature on macOS - it would be super easy to support this. Thank you Zoom developers!

Yes, please implement this. So useful!

Similarly interested. Not everyone in our organization uses an Airpods Max + macOS setup, but those who do would appreciate this feature greatly!

100X this. Greatly needed

+1 from my free account since my enterprise single sign-on doesn’t work without enterprise approval of this site. It seems like it would be trivial to make Airpods Max work like my plantronics. Zoom clearly detects that I am pressing the mute button on my AirPods max so rather than raising an error why not simply toggle mute like works with so many other headsets. I have a choice of zoom and google meetings from my company and whoever makes my meeting life easiest will get my usage and usage drives enterprise renewals.

please please please! We need this so much. The abundance of this feature locks me to my macbook during meetings, I can’t do anything else in parallel. Such a pain point!

You could try this workaround: MutePod is an application for macOS that allows you to mute the microphone also via AirPods on any VideoConference software including Zoom.

is there an ETA on this?

It works for me on Sonoma 14.4.1 with zoom 6.0.2 and AirPods Max

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Works for me, Sonoma 14.4.1 with zoom 6.0.2 using AirPods Pro Gen 1